Silver Tigress from the Hoxne Hoard © The British Museum



The village of Hoxne has a unique and truly ancient history.

The first Hoxnians settled here over 320,000 years ago; a major interglacial period, the Hoxnian Interglacial (375,000 to 425,000 years ago) which was named after Hoxne; John Frere was the first person to recognise stone age tools for what they were at the Hoxne brick pit; the Hoxne Hoard is the biggest discovery of Roman treasure in the UK; legend has it that Saint Edmund's martyrdom took place at Hoxne in 869; and in the 9th century, the ancient Bishops seat of East Anglia was at Hoxne before it moved to Norfolk.


hoxne hand axe
empress pepper pot
edmunds head